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Meet Our Team


Robin Burroughs Davis

Lead Title IX Coordinator

Robin oversees athletics, the Baird Health and Counseling Center, student activities, campus safety, citizenship education, the Hogan Sports Center, residential life, and retention and student success. She also serves as the Title IX Coordinator and holds certifications as a Title IX investigator and in advanced Clery Training. Outside of work, Robin supports our students at any number of events as well as completing road races and baking her famous treats.


Laura Sykes

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Laura began her faculty career at CSC in 2001 and holds rank as a Professor of Environmental Science. Her research interests center on alpine flora in the Mt. Washington region. Prior to her academic career, Laura was an administrator in the Hogan Sports Center from 1993 to 2001. She was born and raised in New Hampshire and is a skilled rock climber and mountaineer.


Heather Zahn

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Heather Zahn is the Director of Human Resources and also serves as the Title IX Coordinator for staff and community members at CSC. The Human Resources office is located on Colgate Hall, room 230. The HR office also coordinates student employment on campus, and there is a jobs board located outside of the office. We encourage all students to stop by and view the jobs board to find student employment opportunities. 

In addition, complaints of discrimination on the basis of sex may be directed to:

Assistant Secretary United States Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20202

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